Hello Community,

Well. Lets keep this plain and simple regarding this release. Today we are simply introducing an easy to understand and fun enough to enjoy Server for those who are missing the true essence of old silkroad BUT with some additions. ,Our goal of creating such game server is to establish a decent, stable, fun and self sufficient server for those who are seeking the Chinese race only along side with silkroad improvements which occurred later on. *Grand Opening at 26.11.2016 18.30 PM GMT+2.

posted by Tyr - November 4, 2016, 8:45 pm


Login Panel

Server Status

GatewayServer : ONLINE AgentServer : ONLINE

PlayersOnline:137 / 1000

Server Information

CH only




EXP & SP30x


Gold & Drop10x


Max Plus10

Fortress War

Jangan 0% Tax dummy

Donwhang 0% Tax PainKiller

Hotan 0% Tax dummy

Job Balance

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Unique kill history

Simply killed Captain Ivy 3 Min ago

Artist killed SilkWeG 15 Min ago

Simply killed Uruchi 34 Min ago

Myoprocta killed Isyutaru 45 Min ago

Day_DeviL killed Tiger Girl 54 Min ago